About SkyWay

SkyWay is a multi-platform SDK for real-time communication.

Various features you need

Multi-party calling
One-to-one calling
Video communication
Voice communication
Screen sharing
Data communication

Enables easy
communication at low cost


No need to build and maintain servers

SkyWay provides fully managed servers for video and voice communications. You do not need to prepare your own server.

Start developing for free.
You only pay for what you use, even after the service is provided.

The Free Plan (free version) has a sufficient data communication quota for development and verification. No unnecessary costs even after commercial service is provided thanks to our base fee + pay-as-you-go structure.

Easy-to-use SDK and extensive
documentation allow
anyone to develop immediately

With SkyWay's SDK, you do not need any technical skills or knowledge related to video and voice communications. Anyone can start development immediately with our extensive documentation, including tutorials and sample code.

Usage scenarios for SkyWay

SkyWay is used in all types of industries and for many services.

Usage scene examples

Web conferencing
Online English conversation
Live streaming
Contact centers
Online medical treatment
Virtual offices
Communication robots

SkyWay Features

SkyWay offers a variety of features to satisfy any use case.

Provides high-quality calling even overseas

TURN servers are located in four locations, Japan, Taiwan, the US, and the Germany, ensuring high-quality calls even with overseas callers. (Patent number 6254620)

Provides a comfortable calling experience

SkyWay is equipped with a feature to transmit video of optimal quality according to the level of the caller's communication environment. This enables comfortable calls even in unstable environments such as mobile networks.

High uptime

SkyWay continues to support more than 20,000 services behind the scenes with a high utilization rate (99.96% in FY2021).
Low latency
Top-level of less than 1 second for video, voice calls, and live streaming
Maximum number of callers
Up to 100 video/voice calls per room
Video calls, data transmission, and signaling are all encrypted for secure communication

A multi-platform
compatible SDK

SkyWay's SDK supports three platforms.

from the old SkyWay

The following features of SkyWay allow you to implement applications for a variety of use cases.

Flexible sending and receiving of media through a
Pub/Sub messaging model

SkyWay's API design is based on the Pub/Sub messaging model. This enables flexible sending and receiving of media, such as camera video and screen sharing at the same time, or receiving only specific video and audio.

Expanded maximum number of simultaneous callers

NeWork, a virtual office service that uses the new SkyWay, enables communication between 100 people* in a single room. The maximum number of simultaneous callers has been greatly expanded from the old SkyWay to accommodate even more use cases.*Two-way video communication between 24 people and reception only for 76 people

Provides flexible and secure
authentication and authorization features

SkyWay provides token-based authentication and authorization capabilities. This makes it possible to control room entry for each end user and whether or not they can send and receive video/audio, making it possible to develop applications that are more secure than ever before.

Get started with SkyWay.