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Cookies are pieces of information that are sent and received between the web server and the browser of each customer who visits a website, which makes it possible to identify the customer's browser. A web beacon is a small image file (sometimes called a "clear GIF") embedded in a website. These web beacons are small image files (sometimes called "clear GIFs") embedded in websites, which make it possible to determine whether or not a customer has visited the website in question and the number of times the customer has visited the website.

These functions are intended to make it more convenient for customers to use this website and do not identify personal information or have any adverse effect on the customer's computer.

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About the use of access analysis tools

This website uses Google Analytics as an access analysis tool to monitor usage, and cookies are used by this tool. The customer information collected, recorded, and analyzed through the use of these tools does not contain any information that identifies a specific individual.

Google Analytics

To disable Google Analytics, download and install the "Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on" from Google's Opt-out Add-on Download page and change the add-on settings in your browser.

Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-on


To disable Google Analytics, change your browser settings to disable cookies.

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